Top Views of other urinals and the Chadwick.  Other urinals' open parabolic shape focuses and reflects urine and stench back toward you.  The Chadwick's enclosed cardiotic shape directs and contains urine and stench away from you.

Would you stand mere inches from a flat wall and spray a garden hose directly at it while expecting NO SPLASHBACK? Of course not. So why do we put up with this stunt in the restroom? Quite simply, we had no other choice... until The Chadwick. All other urinals are created equal - they all splash back. The other urinal bowls are open-faced parabolas. Parabolas are scientifically designed to focus and reflect whatever enters them. It does not matter what angle you aim for: flat and parabolic urinals will reflect, vaporize, atomize and SPLASH BACK... into the room and the air, onto the floor, and onto us. We have put up with the insult long enough.

The Chadwick is a revolution in urinal design. It offers you the respect you deserve. The Chadwick's patented design virtually eliminates splashback. You deserve the best! You deserve... The Chadwick.